By Janet Dawson

Perseverance Press, 2013 ($15.99)

ISBN-13: 978-1-56474-530-9

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

All aboard!

December, 1952. Ah, the good old days and the romantic lure of traveling by train. The California Zephyr leaves Oakland, California headed through the Sierra Nevada and Colorado Rockies, carrying a full load of passengers bound for Chicago. The journey will not be an uneventful one.

Who would expect a pre-holiday transcontinental journey could be the venue for crime and murder? Mystery readers, of course!

The author provides readers with a full range of characters to observe from the quirky, to charming, handsome, mysterious, delightful, and menacing. Some passengers are not who they pretend to be, some are more dangerous than they at first appear to be, and some have no idea what danger they are in. Readers will be engrossed from the first page until the very end.

Someone should make this book into a movie!

Dawson is the author of the popular Jeri Howard, P. I. series. She also writes suspense fiction (WHAT YOU WISH FOR) and short stories (SCAM AND EGGS).

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