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by Marilyn Meredith

Golden Eagle Press, September 30, 2001
ISBN: 1-89-194005-8

Reviewed by Karen Meek

Part Native American deputy Tempe Crabtree returns for her second adventure in the hills of California in UNEQUALLY YOKED.

Tempe is called in when a little girl disappears from a campsite one night. The surrounding area, including a lake is thoroughly searched by police and volunteers but to no avail. The slim possibility that the estranged father of the child has snatched her is soon dashed leaving a very sad alternative.

Tempe is invited to an Indian ceremony to contact the spirit world to help find the missing girl. Her pastor husband Hutch is very unhappy about this and a rift slowly begins to form between them. When the initial ceremony goes wrong, a shaman is contacted to conduct the ritual properly. As a result of the ritual, Tempe knows what she needs to do next.

The mystery in UNEQUALLY YOKED is quite slight and the solution not unexpected, however it is still an entertaining read and I liked watching Tempe get in touch with her Indian side. Personally, I found the theological debates between Hutch and Tempe and Hutch and the shaman a bit heavy going which meant I didn't enjoy this as much as the meatier DEADLY OMEN.

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