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By Christine Kling

Ballantine Books, March 2007 ($24.95)
ISBN: 978-0-345-47905-1

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

This is the fourth book to feature salvage tugboat captain, Seychelle Sullivan, a fiesty skipper who finds more than her share of mysteries needing to be solved. This series is action-packed and suspenseful. Definitely not to be mistaken for a quiet, cozy romp along the beaches of Southern Florida!

Seychelle is eeking out a living in a male-dominated industry and has reached the point where she is seriously considering getting out of the salvage business completely. She is ready to sell the boat and be done with it!

When a friend dies unexpectedly from a freak accident, the saddness adds to her restlessness about the direction her life is going. The friend's widow insists the accident was no accident and wants Seychelle to investigate and force the police to reconsider the facts that led them to rule the death accidental. Not wanting to further upset the grieving widow, Seychelle agrees to ask a few questions, even though she believes the police are correct.

Seychelle quickly finds herself in danger, even though she still can't prove the death was anything but an accident.

Salvage is a cut-throat business these days because there are many more salvage boats than cargo or boats needing to be salvaged. Seychelle suspects that someone is manipulating boating wrecks for illegal profit, but she has no proof of that either.

This series gets better with each book, and it was a winner from book one! In WRECKERS' KEY, the stakes are high and more personal than Seychelle anticipates.

If you are new to this series, you can start reading WRECKERS' KEY without having to go back to the earlier books first. I think if you read the books in chronological order, you will get a better feel for the characters and what they have gone through to get to this point in their lives but you won't be lost if you start with WRECKERS' KEY. Previous titles in this series are SURFACE TENSION, CROSS CURRENT, and BITTER END.

The author's knowledge of boating is extensive. She lives on her thirty-three-foot sailboat in Southern Florida and has spent more than twenty years on and around boats.

Readers who enjoy a strong female protagonist will find this series keeps them well entertained. No doubt they will be pondering what Seychelle will be up to next, long after they've read the last page of WRECKERS' KEY and closed the book.

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