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By Lee Child

Dell (Random House) — April, 2011 ($9.99)
ISBN-10: 0440246296
ISBN-13: 978-0440246299

Reviewed by Rick McMahan

In WORTH DYING FOR Jack Reacher's back, strolling into yet another American town like a wandering Samuri or a Wild West gunslinger. Hitchhiking, Reacher is dropped off at a crossroads of a lonely Nebraska highway. Bellying up to the bar at the only motel which is a NASA themed 1960s era hotel, Reacher becomes embroiled in the local turmoil when he takes a drunken doctor to check on a patient, Mrs. Duncan, whose husband enjoys using her as a punching bag. Reacher learns that the Duncan family has the whole community under their thumb. The Duncans have all of the money in the area, and they exert control and keep the community in fear like maleovelent kings controlling peasant serfs from the Middle Ages. Jack Reacher, the ex-Army police investigator, hates bullies and the Duncans are bullies in the highest order. Reacher starts stirring things up. Throw in a decades old missing child and the cloud of suspicion hanging over the Duncan clan, as well as something else the Duncans are hiding, and the reader knows we're along for the ride as Jack Reacher and the Duncans head towards each other on a collision course of violence. Plus, the Duncans have a smuggling operation going on, and they answer to some nasty characters in Las Vegas, who in turn answer to even nastier criminals.

The Reacher books are fun. We always know that Jack Reacher's going to run into some bad people, and Reacher's going to make things right.

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