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By John Rickards

Leisure Books, Paperback, October 31, 2004
ISBN: 0843954477

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Alex Rourke is a former FBI agent turned private eye now working in Boston, Massachusetts. He was a profiler during his time with the FBI.

When a former friend calls and asks for help Alex finds himself returning to the town of Winter's End, a place he once called home.

The local sheriff is on the way home one night when he drives up upon a frightening scene. Captured in his headlights, in the pouring rain a man stands over the body of a naked, dead woman. In each hand he holds a knife.

After being taken into custody the man refuses to talk. He will give no name or explain anything about the dead woman.

Alex arrives and begins to question the stranger. He allows Alex to call him by a name that he admits is not his and begins to drop subtle hints about who he is and why the crime has occurred.

As the story progresses Alex realizes that the stranger counted on his being called and is using him to further his own agenda.

Alex realizes that he must face some question in his past, look deep into the hidden secrets of some of Winter's End residents in order to solve the mystery the stranger has revealed.

WINTER'S END is Rickard's first novel but hopefully more will follow. I found the writing moved with much grace and the suspense kept the pages turning. No way could I guess the identity of the stranger or his reason for coming to Winter's End. I do love a good mystery.

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