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A Shelby James Mystery

By RG Willems

Cormorant Books (June 30, 2006) $21.95
ISBN: 1896951988

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

TARGETS OF AFFECTION introduces readers to Shelby James, a veterinary technician in Poplar Bluff, a suburb of Saskatoon. Readers will instantly be drawn to Shelby.

The author tackles a tough issue, animal cruelty and its link to child abuse, a topic many others might avoid or tend to sensationalize. Willems explores the issue quite effectively.

It's clear that the author knows her stuff yet the medical and technical aspects of the veterinary practice won't bog the reader down. Readers won't ever feel lost in medical jargon or veterinary procedures. The author takes care to keep the reader involved in the story. The characters, both human and animal, are well drawn. The story is well plotted and will be especially appealing for animal lovers.

It's clear that the author has the makings of a popular and long-running series on her hands. I can hardly wait for the next Shelby James book!

TARGETS OF AFFECTION is the author's first published fiction however her name may be familiar to readers as the author of the popular non-fiction books, GREAT DOG STORIES, GREAT CAT STORIES, and WILDLIFE IN THE KITCHEN.

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