Submissions are open for fiction and nonfiction. All writers must query by mail or email before submitting manuscripts. Please indicate the type of story and length in your query. Thank you.

Over My Dead Body! The Mystery Magazine publishes a wide variety of mystery-related manuscripts, from cozy to hardboiled and everything in between. We don't discriminate on the basis of content, subgenre, or author recognition. Send us your best.

NONFICTION: We're looking for mystery-related author interviews/ profiles and articles. Mystery-related travel pieces will also be considered. (For example: travel article about the Reichenbach Falls of Sherlock Holmes fame.) 500+ words.

FICTION: We want to see taut, absorbing, original work. Keep dialogue and narrative consistent with characterization (unless you're using the discrepancy as a plot point). Don't waste words, and don't ignore facts to facilitate your plot. Most importantly, if you're going to break the rules, do it well. 750-4,000 words.

PHOTOS: We seldom buy photos without accompanying manuscript. Model releases and subject identification required. Please query for photos not accompanying a manuscript. We buy one time rights.


All manuscripts (fiction and nonfiction) must relate to the mystery genre. We are not responsible for unsolicited material. Material received via U.S. Postal Service will not be returned unless accompanied by SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope).

GALLEY PROOFS: We are glad to provide galley proofs, for proofreading purposes only, on request. If, however, your changes do not arrive by the date specified on the form accompanying the galleys, the story will run as is. We will not contact you to remind you of the deadline.

PAYMENT: Nominal - $.01/word for fiction; $10-$25 total for unsolicited nonfiction. All contributors will be paid within 30 days of acceptance, and all receive two contributor copies. We purchase First North American Serial Rights (FNASR). All rights revert to the author upon publication.

RESPONSE TIME: We respond within 4-6 weeks.


HARD COPY: Query first. If manuscript is requested, please type submissions, double-spaced. Dot matrix printouts are acceptable as long as they are legible (type must be dark). Please enclose SASE if you wish them returned.

ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS: Query first. If manuscript is requested, send as Word attachment or ASCII text.

SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS: Simultaneous submissions must be clearly labeled. Unless you state otherwise, OMDB! presumes your submission is not simultaneous, that you are offering first time rights, and that the story, all or in part, has not been published previously either electronically or in paper.

WHERE TO SEND MANUSCRIPTS: P.O. Box 1778, Auburn, Washington 98071-1778. Attn: Fiction Editor or Feature Editor, as appropriate.

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