By William G. Tapply

Skyhorse Publishing, February 2012 ($14.95)

ISBN-13: 978-1616085551

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez
(March, 2014)

Thomas Larrigan has been told that he will be nominated Justice of the Supreme Court, but it is important that there not be any skeletons in the closet in order not to hurt the image of the president who is the one recommending him.

Meanwhile, in California, Jessie Church a.k.a. Carol Ann Chang, knows she has to flee because her face has been photographed in the newspaper, and the criminal against whom she testified will recognize her and try to kill her.

Both stories intertwine when it is found that Thomas Larrigan did have a secret past, and Jessie has the key to it without even being aware.

This is a fast page turner with a completely unpredictable ending which will keep the reader engaged to the very end. I am glad I was introduced to this great writer, because if all his books are as good as this one, I want to read them all!

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