By Peter Robinson

Berkley, June, 1996

Series Character: Chief Inspector Alan Banks
Setting: Yorkshire, England

Review by Larry Jung
(Originally reviewed 8/94)

I have been a fan of Peter Robinson's books since the first GALLOW'S VIEW. I have never been to Europe and only made a brief visit to Canada a decade ago. But I feel as if I have been to Eastvale and Swainsdale. I read each new book as much for the fictional goings on of the community as for the crime.

The crime is, of course, murder. The motives are the most heinous. The police are competent. The clues obscure. The crime is solved.

I have purposefully not mentioned any particulars about the plot because the fun is in large part Robinson's telling of the story. No summary can do justice to his crisp prose, lively characters, and insidious plot twists.

I strongly recommend WEDNESDAY'S CHILD and the other books in this series if your taste runs to police procedurals.

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