WED AND BURIED: A Bed and Breakfast Mystery
By Mary Daheim

Avon Books, 1998

Reviewed by Shirley Wetzel

Judith Flynn’s son Michael is getting married. She’s agreed to take on a major share of the wedding chores, including feeding and housing the bride’s family in her Victorian bed and breakfast, Hillside Manor. Chaos reigns, and she soon regrets her generous gesture.

Judith, recently wed herself to her first love, policeman Joe Flynn, is idly looking out the window during the rehearsal dinner when she sees a tuxedo-clad man push a woman in bridal finery off the roof of the hotel next door. Joe puts it down to an overly-active imagination, or too much champagne, especially after he investigates at her urging and finds no evidence of the crime.

A crime there was, however, as police discover when demolition begins on the hotel, but not the one she witnessed. Against Joe’s advice, Judith gets herself involved in solving the puzzle, with the help of her more practical cousin Renie and her catering partner Arlene.

The book is full of odd characters, the most memorable of them being the bride’s survivalist kin from Deep Denial, Idaho, "Herself", Joe’s lounge-singer ex-wife, Judith’s grumpy, forgetful mother Gertrude, and Artemis Bohl, haughty high fashion designer.

While juggling her duties as mother of the groom, host to a cast of lunatics, and amateur sleuth, Judith and Renie get involved with radio personalities, high fashion models, and other aspects of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll.

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