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by Michael Connelly

Warner paperback, 2001, $7.99, 480pages.
ISBN: 0446609145

Reviewed by Rick McMahan

Michael Connelly's VOID MOON, marks two firsts for Connelly. It's the first time he has a female heroine, and it's also the first time he has a protagonist on the wrong side of the law. Cassie Black did five years in the penitentiary, because of a botched Las Vegas job that left her lover dead. After doing her time Cassie's on parole in LA working as a used car sales(wo)man. However, she doesn't like being on parole, answering to someone and peeing in a cup once a month. Cassie re-connects with one of her old contacts in Vegas about one more score, a big enough job, so she can disappear and start her life new far away. The gig is suppose to be a prowl job, a quick in-and-out to steal cash from a mark, but the end result is the job leaves a man dead in the hotel room. And he's not just any dead man, he's a bagman for a faction of the Florida mob trying to buy their way into a Vegas casino. Cassie finds herself on the run, being chased by police, the mob and a psycho from Vegas. In VOID MOON, Connelly once again proves he's one of the top writers in mystery fiction.

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