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By Victoria Laurie

Obsidian, 2011 ($23.95)
ISBN-10: 0451234065
ISBN-13: 978-0-451-234063

Reviewed by Shirley Wetzel

A year ago, psychic Abigail "Abby" Cooper left her thriving private business and moved to Austin, Texas to be with her sweetheart, FBI agent Dutch Rivers. She was hired by the FBI as a consultant, and expected to be mainly performing civilian profiling, working at a nice safe desk. Things are about to change in a big way.

Dutch and Abby are called into the Austin FBI headquarters and led to a room full of important looking men and women in expensive suits and uniforms. Their country needs them to take on an undercover operation to recover a piece of technology that is vital to national, and even world, security. If it gets into the wrong hands, the results are unimaginable. If the U.S. military had had this technology earlier, let's just say that one particular terrorist would have been put out of commission months, or even years, earlier.

The mission, should they choose to accept it, has a high probability of failure. The two previous agents who were sent to Canada, where the item is located, did not succeed, and they did not return home safely. Abby's mind is whirling — she didn't sign up for this, she lacks just about all of the skills a trained agent has, and all she has to offer is her psychic ability. Hell, no, she won't go. The powers that be tell her that if Dutch has to go without her, it is highly likely he will have the same fate as the two previous agents. That does the trick. She loves Dutch, now her fiancé, with all her heart.

Off to Washington, D.C. they go for some intensive training. In a few short weeks, Abby becomes a kick-ass sharp-shooter who can kill with her bare hands. Or maybe not, but she's far better prepared than she was to start with.

Dutch takes on the disguise of Richard Des Vries, a very bad, very rich thug who owns a luxury condo in Toronto. The real Richard is currently helping the Mossad with their inquiries in Israel, and his current blond bimbo girlfriend, a flight attendant, has a very busy schedule over the next few weeks. Abby is supposed to be playing her part, but the blond wig, enhanced cleavage, and stiletto heels are not her style. She is given a new persona as Richard's business assistant, a much better fit.

In no time at all, stun guns are stunning lecherous Russians, bullets are flying, and bodies are stacking up. Abby and Dutch are playing for very high stakes as they attempt to infiltrate the group of international terrorists who will be taking part in an auction for the priceless piece of technology.

The auction takes place on an island in British Columbia, on a lavish estate far from civilization. The last part of the book reads like a thriller, as the good guys and girl run for their lives, encountering danger at every twist and turn. I've enjoyed the previous eight books in the Abby Cooper Psychic Eye series, but this is the best by far.

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