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By Stephen Woodworth

Bantam Dell (August 31, 2004)
ISBN: 0-553-80337-9

Reviewed by Sue Johnson

What if a person were born with the unique ability to channel the spiritsor the souls of people who had died? Andwhat if these gifted people were easily recognizable by their odd violet colored eyes?

In THROUGH VIOLET EYES byStephen Woodworth this is exactly the case. When the United Sates Government realizes the value of these violet eyed people they are soon taken from their families at an early age and trained to use these abilities. One of the main uses is to allow dead people to testify at their own murder trials.

A serial killer is now preying on violets. The FBI feels that Natalie Lindstom may be one of his next victims as she knew most of the victims well. She has been with the violets since she was very young. Her mother was a violet who ended up in a mental institution after dealing with a particularly evil man.

The FBI assigns a 24-hour watch on Natalie while she tries to discover the identity of this vicious killer.

I requested the book, THROUGH VIOLET EYES after reading several rave reviews on various chat groups. I must say that I was not disappointed. Although this is author Stephen Woodsworth's first book he proves himself a talented writer. He handles the premise of the violets and the life they are forced to lead quite believably. For a premiere book it was quite well written and I was thrilled to read that it was the first in a series.

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