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By Dean Koontz

Bantam, May 24, 2005
ISBN: 0-553-80415-4

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Billy Wiles is quite content with his life. His job as a bartender puts him in the public eye as much as he wishes, he keeps a neat home, does some carving as a hobby and daily visits his fiancée, who has been comatose due to food poisoning for quite sometime. Billy was once a writer, has even been published but feels he lost the gift after his fiancée became ill.

Unfortunately Billy's neat little life is about to do a 180. Someone sends Billy an anonymous note drawing him into an evil game, no matter if he wants to play or not. If he chooses one answer an old woman will die, if he chooses the other, a young mother dies.

Billy panics and calls his closest friend who also happens to be a cop and asks him for advice. The friend thinks it is all a bad joke and advises Billy to just ignore it. The next day a woman is dead and Billy's next note appears.

This is a game that Billy does not wish to play, there seems to be no way to win. The game forces Billy to think outside his normal realm. Billy must outwit the psychotic killer or watch someone he loves die and then be framed for the murder.

To the killer it's a game but to Billy this is a case of life or death. A case of his sanity or being driven insane. While reading this book I often found myself wondering what I would do in Billy's shoes? Could I be forced to make a decision of who lives and who dies or would I lose my mind instead?

Edcom: The paperback version of this title is scheduled for release April 25, 2006.

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