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By Jennifer Colt

Broadway Books, March 2007 ($11.95)
ISBN: 978-0-7679-2013-1

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

Only in California could you find identical twins riding a pink Harley, who also happen to be private eyes!

Kerry is the "good" twin, who's attracted to Detective John Boatwright, whom Terry the "bad" twin can't resist trying to fool into thinking she's Kerry. The good detective may not be able to tell which twin he's kissing, but he doesn't want either of the gals to follow through with their latest case -- trying to find the killer of their client, Ephemera, Queen of the Undead.

Ephemera, a.k.a. Darby Applewhite, one of the twins' friends, hired them to escort her hearse during the local Goth parade. The stunt clearly went awry when Ephemera tumbled out of her coffin, dead, sporting a set of fang marks on her neck.

In order to sort out the suspects, the twins probe the goth world, including cultists who drink blood and speak with a forked tongue, literally, warnings scrawled in blood, and vampires who visit in the dark of night. It looks like prosthetic fangs may be needed more than a false beard if the two are to discover who killed the Queen of the Undead.

The McAffee twins are funny, smart, and plucky. The storyline is fascinating (even if you think "goth" is just "way too weird"), the dialogue is laugh-out-loud hilarious, and even the secondary characters are memorable.

If you haven't yet discovered Kerry and Terry McAffee, have you got a treat in store! I can't think of any two sleuths I'd rather tag along with on a case than these two hilarious ladies. You can start with THE VAMPIRE OF VENICE BEACH and then go back and pick up the other books in the series, THE BUTCHER OF BEVERLY HILLS and THE MANGLER OF MALIBU CANYON. No matter where you start in the series - I started with book number two - you'll want to read all of them.

I think these sleuthing sisters should have a weekly cable TV show so fans could watch their antics as well as read about them!

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