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By Val McDermid

Harper, September 15, 2009 ($14.99)
ISBN-10: 0061688975
ISBN-13: 978-0-06-168897-3

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

Criminal profiler Tony Hill and DCI Carol Jordan team up again...

Dr. Hill is in hospital recovering from injuries when he learns of a bizarre and seemingly pointless murder which has been presented to DCI Jordan. They both want to solve the murder, of course, but they don't agree on how to do that. The tensions between the two are half the enjoyment of reading this novel. The on-going relationship between the Jordan and Hill is almost as important as the crimes themselves in McDermid's popular crime thriller series. (For some fans, I imagine their relationship is more important than the crimes.)

McDermid does not disappoint. Fans will no doubt devour the story, turning pages as fast as they can. Readers unfamiliar with this series will find the writing compelling and will quickly become fans. The only caution I would give is for readers who only know Dr. Hill and DCI Jordan through the equally popular TV series "Wire in the Blood." Not all of the episodes in the TV series are based directly on McDermid's books. (They're based on the characters created by McDermid.) In the TV series DCI Jordan has been replaced by DCI Alex Fielding. Not so, in the books. Kevin and Paula are still on DCI Jordan's team in the book but their relationship and personal lives are not the same as in the TV series.

I'm already waiting for the next book featuring Dr. Hill!

This is the fifth novel to feature Tony Hill. The other titles in the series are THE TORMENT OF OTHERS, THE LAST TEMPTATION, THE WIRE IN THE BLOOD, and THE MERMAIDS SINGING. McDermid also writes the Kate Brannigan series and the Lindsay Gordon series. She has also written several non-series novels and one non-fiction title.

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