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Say Uncle
A Sydney Sloane mystery
By Randye Lordon

Avon Twilight Books, 1999 pbk.

Reviewed by Shirley Wetzel

When Manhattan p.i. Sydney Sloane’s cousins approach her to help their father, who’s accused of arson and murder, she is reluctant to get involved. After all, Uncle Mitch had rejected her ten years before when she changed her name from Sinda and revealed that she was a lesbian. Still, blood is thicker than water, and she doesn’t believe her uncle really torched the business belonging to his wife’s cousin Jake. The fire destroyed the building and killed the cleaning woman.

Sydney gets drawn into multiple layers of family secrets as she tries to untangle the web of lies and deceptions. Cheating spouses abound, and pornography and blackmail thicken the plot. Several characters are desperate to protect their secrets; some are willing to kill anyone who gets too close to the truth, including Sydney.

There are some colorful characters, and lots of interesting descriptions of Queens, the Lower East Side, and other parts of greater New York City.

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