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UNDBOUND: A Booklover's Mystery
By Julie Kaewert

Bantam December 1999

Reviewed by Sue Johnson

UNBOUND is a booklover's mystery...and extremely interesting in all senses of the word.

As the book begins we find Plumtree Press of England just about to release a literary bombshell. American author Angela Mayfield has been writing her doctoral on Marcus Stonecyper, a highly respected British author. While studying his work she believes she has found some glaring obvious misprints in each book. However when she places them side by side she begins to see a coded message that could mean the corruption of Stonecyper's sterling reputation.

Angela writes a supposedly fictionalized account of her findings and is prepared to release it when the mystery begins to unfold. At a party shortly before publication Angela accidentally lets slip the basis of her book to a member of the Folio B society. This society is a group dedicated to the preservation of antique and rare books and is very unhappy with what is about to unfold.

Soon Angela finds herself receiving threats and attempts on her life. She must find out the reason for the uproar before she, too, is a victim.

This book was a great read even though I am not usually attracted to English settings. I also learned many interesting facts about antique books and collecting. Truly a booklovers book... Previous books by this author include: UNTITLED, UNPRINTABLE, and THE AVENGERS: NOVEL.

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