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By Sujata Massey

Harper Collins, October, 2005 ($23.95)
ISBN: 0060765127

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

Rei Shimura is back! Not only is she as spunky as ever, she manages to find a way back to Japan!

Long-time readers of the series will remember that at one time Rei, a Japanese-American living in Tokyo, was building up her antiques dealership but had a knack for getting involved in police matters and murder. Due to her actions during one of her "investigations" she managed to get herself deported back to the United States. For a time, it looked as if she would be forever barred from returning to Japan.

For those not familiar with this series, shame on you! Don't waste a minute longer. Pick up the other books in the series and get to reading.

Each of the books in this series stands alone, although I believe the most enjoyment will be had by following the series in order. It will also give the reader a better sense of how much Rei has grown as a person, to read the books in the order they were published.

I think TYPHOON LOVER may prove to be a pivotal book in the series. One of my main complaints in reviews of the earlier books was that I was tiring of the on-again off-again relationship Rei had with Hugh Glendinning, a lawyer from Scotland who became her lover early on in the series. In TYPHOON LOVER, Rei meets and must deal with another former lover, Takeo Kayama.

My only other quibble is that I don't think there are enough Japanese words and phrases used in the recent books. I would like more exposure to the Japanese language and customs, as I remember from the first book in the series.

This is the eighth book in Massey's Agatha and Macavity award-winning series. If you would like to read reviews of her previous books, please click on the titles below.

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