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by Jeremiah Healy

Leisure Books (March 6, 2005) $6.99
ISBN: 0843955260

Reviewed by Rick McMahan

Jeremiah Healy is well known for his prolific John Cuddy private eye novels and short stories. Over the years Healy has taken breaks from the Cuddy/Boston PI series to write a few legal thrillers. However, in his latest book, TURNABOUT, Healy returns to the private eye novel, but this time it is without John Cuddy.

In TURNABOUT, Matthew Langway is an ex-FBI agent who runs a security company with his partner and friend. Langway is summoned to the gated estate cum fortress of a client, General Alexander Van Horne. General Van Horne's grandson was kidnapped from inside the walled compound in the night, apparently vanishing without any of the human or electronic security ever seeing the interlopers. General Van Horne calls in Langway because it's apparent to General Van Horne that someone inside, either a family member or an employee had a hand in the abduction of his grandson.

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