An Agent Dallas Thriller

By L. J. Sellers

Spellbinder Press, January 1, 2014

Trade Paper ($12.99)
E-book ($4.99)

ISBN-13: 978-09840086-5-0

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

FBI agent Jamie Dallas is assigned to the Phoenix Bureau yet her passion is for undercover work. Offices make her restless.

The disappearance of a woman and her young child from a "futurist" community in Northern California is Jamie's next assignment in the field, where she is tasked to quickly infiltrate the compound and try to determine if the two are being held against their will, or are truly missing. It's a dangerous assignment. Survivalist groups tend to view outsiders with more than a little suspicion. In this case, Agent Dallas learns that this group is heavily armed and more dangerous than they first appeared. Not content to just "be prepared" as the Scouts' motto goes, they are actively planning to push society over the edge and fulfill their planned destiny, to survive the end of the world.

Agent Dallas is a plucky protagonist. Readers will connect with her immediately. THE TRIGGER is fast-paced and exciting. L. J. Sellers fans will not be disappointed.

FBI agent Jamie Dallas was introduced to readers in CRIMES OF MEMORY (the 8th book in the Detective Wade Jackson series). Readers not familiar with the Detective Jackson series will have no trouble beginning right here with THE TRIGGER. Familiar, or not, I think readers will quickly adopt Agent Dallas as a new favorite character.

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