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By M.C. Beaton

Ballantine, July 1996 ($5.99)
ISBN: 0-8041-1211-8

Reviewed by Dawn Crawford

Something is amiss in the quiet Highlands village of Lochdubh and Hamish Macbeth, now a Police Sergeant, can't put his finger on it.

It seems to have started when a gypsy caravan appeared in the field near the manse. It was around that time that Hamish noticed some of the villagers acting peculiar. Could it perhaps have something to do with the local minister who seems to be scaring the villagers with fire and brimstone sermons?

If this isn't enough to drive Hamish around the bend, Constable Willie may just do it. He seems obsessed with cleaning and spends more time tidying up the police station than he does doing police work.

M.C. Beaton seems to have taken a religious turn in this book, but with a bit of a bizarre twist that has to be read, to be believed.

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