Cryin' Time
By Cecelia Tishy

Dowling Press, August, 1998

Reviewed by Sue Johnson

This book is announced as the second in the Kate Banning series. I am sorry I missed number one.

Kate Banning is a single mother, raising a 12-year-old daughter in Nashville, Tennessee. She is the chief coordinating editor for Fleetwood Publications, a group that does trade magazines for businesses and industries. Her time is flexible allowing her to be in and out of the office at unusual times.

At the beginning of the story Kate finds herself meeting with a music executive as a repayment for a favor a friend had done years ago. He explains that he wants the past of one of his new singers, Troy Blackfeather, a Cherokee Indian, and Blackfeather's Indian girlfriend, Shay LaBrand, investigated before he hires them on. Easy? Maybe not.

Before the story is over, Kate will see some of the seamier sides of Nashville, but also some of the elite sides. Mixed in is Kate's daily life and this makes us like the middle-aged Mom all the more.

If you like a good mystery, like country music, and enjoy a pleasant read then Cryin' Time could be the book for you!

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