By Peter Bartram


Publisher:  (March, 2018)
Format: Paperback
Price: $8.99
ISBN-13: 978-1980567158

Kindle edition: $2.99

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Crampton of the Chronicle series (Book 4)


Reviewed by Cherie Jung
(September, 2018)


When a romantic dinner goes awry, it seems that Colin Crampton, crime correspondent for the Evening Chronicle, has once again had a big story track him down. Murder leads to a sinister plot and a conspiracy.

THE TANGO SCHOOL MYSTERY is a fast, fun read.

The author brings the “Swinging Sixties’ Brighton” alive for the reader and if even you weren’t actually there for the age, it will feel like you were!

Bartram expertly combines memorable characters, humor, adventure, and a crackling good mystery that will keep fans new and old begging for more!


Other titles in the series: HEADLINE MURDER (2015), STOP PRESS MURDER (2016), and FRONT PAGE MURDER (2017).

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