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By Lisa Black

Harper, July 2009 ($7.99)
ISBN-10: 0061544477
ISBN-13: 978-0-06-154447-7

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

TAKEOVER is the debut novel in a forensic series by Lisa Black, who is herself a forensic scientist. Theresa MacClean is introduced as a medical forensic tech working for the Cleveland police department. Her fiance is homicide detective Paul Cleary. The two become involved in a hostage situation during a bank robbery.

For some readers, this book may seem more like a written-for-TV episode in one of the wildly popular TV crime shows rather than a true thriller. For some this will be a plus, for others, a minus.

I wasn't particularly impressed with the forensic aspects but then the situation didn't lend itself to that much forensic detail. The overall story involving the hostage situation was interesting enough to carry the plot. I will probably read the next novel in the series to see how the author develops her returning characters.

The second novel in the series, EVIDENCE OF MURDER is scheduled to be released in hardcover from William Morrow on September 8, 2009.

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