4 July, 2012

"It's A Story, Ma'am...A Short Story."

Commentary by Cherie Jung

I've been racking my brain for a suitable commentary topic but I can't seem to come up with anything to complain about. Well, let's just say, nothing new to complain about. I still have various older complaints that continue to plague me but nothing new. Now that will probably surprise quite a few of the regular readers of my commentaries, and dare I say — or write, actually — that may disappoint a few regular readers. They're not accustomed to me not bitching and moaning about something.

Instead, I want to thank the many talented, and some not so talented, short story writers who have been contributing manuscripts to our fiction editor in the hopes that omdb! will purchase their story and, of course, publish it. I wish we could accept more stories. I also wish we could afford to pay more for the short stories we do accept but that isn't possible (since the website has no actual income of its own). However, we are continually amazed and overjoyed at the quality of submissions we receive!

I realize that short story markets are few, especially if compared to book length markets, but I firmly believe that short stories are too often over-looked and under-valued. I don't for a minute believe that short stories are the ugly step-children of novelists. I do not believe that novelists are real writers and short story writers are writer wannabes, or in training to write books. Nor do I believe that novelists can whip out a good story whenever they want, but they just don't want to...

Of course I like books. But to be honest, I like a good short story more. So thank you, short story writers!


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