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WHITE SKY, BLACK ICE: A Nathan Active mystery.
By Stan Jones

Soho Press, 1999 (hardcover) $22.00

Reviewed by Shirley H. Wetzel

This book was chosen as one of the ten best mysteries of the year by Library Journal.

When Alaskan state trooper Nathan Active is posted to Chukchi, the small village of his birth, he expects things to be dull and routine. When two apparent suicides turn out to be murder, his job and life get very complicated fast.

His attraction to Lucy Generous, his growing relationship with the mother who gave him up at birth, and his need to learn about his own native heritage add further complications, albeit good ones.

Active has to figure out if one family's bad luck is related to a shaman's curse, or if Gray Wolf, the mine which employs most of the populace, is somehow involved. Problems with alcoholism in the community and environmental concerns add to Active's burdens.

This is a beautifully written book which draws the reader into the Alaskan landscape and provides a close-up view of Inuit history and culture. Well worth reading.

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