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By Judy Mercer

Pocket Books, Paperback, 480 pages, August, 1999
ISBN: 0-671-55603-7

Reviewed by Sue Johnson

Ariel Gold is a reporter for a television show called "Open File." She had recently gone on the show as a correspondent when one of the other correspondents called in sick. Ariel has many things to deal with in her life at his time. A brutal attack has left Ariel's past a blank. So when an apparent chance encounter with Jack Spurling happens soon after her first show is televised she must wonder. Jack Spurling was the center of one of her most notorious news stories a couple of years ago. His wife had disappeared on a pleasure cruise and Jack had stood trial for her murder. The trial resulted in a hung jury. Friends have told Ariel that she did not believe that Jack was guilty in her past and now as she finds herself drawn closer and closer to him she wants all the more to believe his innocence.

Judy Mercer tell this tale with a clever angle. Like something taken out of today's headlines. Here is a man that has not been found guilty but who has also been unable to prove his innocence. Although the book was a bit wordy at times, I thoroughly enjoyed the read. I found myself thinking about just how things would appear from the other side of the fence.

Other suspense novels by this author, featuring Ariel Gold, include FAST FORWARD and DOUBLE TAKE.

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