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(Farmers' Market Mysteries, Book 2)

By Paige Shelton

Berkley, 2011 ($7.99)
ISBN-13: 978-0-425-2022-9
Kindle eBook: $7.99

Reviewed by Katherine Petersen

Becca Robins makes her own jams and preserves at her farm and sells them at Bailey's Farmers Market. A fellow market vendor, Linda, wants to get married before her Navy Seal boyfriend leaves in five days and asks for Becca's help to make it all happen. With two failed marriages of her own, Becca isn't so sure, but other friends and vendors chip in their various expertise, and she thinks it will all work out. But then the groom-to-be's mother is killed, and Becca is determined to have the mystery solved in time for the wedding as well.

Madeline Forester, the murder victim, holds the position of bank president at a local savings and loan. The bank has foreclosed on a number of properties recently, so there are a number of people who have the motive to kill her. But there may be others who don't like Madeline, who has a reputation of being rude, overly dominating, and overall unpleasant. Paige Shelton creates some fun characters, including Becca Robins, although I do wonder at some of her decisions. The one where she's using a ledge outside a window to get to another window wasn't her brightest. I especially like her cop friend and her boyfriend, Ian. Shelton also adeptly blends in some humorous scenes, one involving a calf comes to mind. The mystery itself isn't difficult to piece together, but I still enjoyed this story.

The first book in this series is FARM FRESH MURDER. You may read a review of FARM FRESH MURDER here.

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