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By Sharyn McCrumb

Ballantine Books
ISBN 0-345-38231-5

Reviewed by Sue Johnson

Imagine my thrill when the newest Sharyn McCrumb novel appears at my door. Now imagine my puzzlement at the title of the book. . .THE PMS OUTLAWS. Then imagine the belly laughs and the intrigue that was soon to follow.

Yes, Sharyn McCrumb has done it again. THE PMS OUTLAWS is the newest in her Elizabeth MacPherson series. In the opening of the book we find Elizabeth deep in depression over the disappearance of her husband on the North Sea. After weeks of treatment her doctor suggests a stay at Cherry Hill for treatment of situational depression. Sounds bad, but here the fun begins. At Cherry Hill, Elizabeth is soon finding herself thrown headfirst into the life of the other patients there.

Now the second part of the story that is interwoven here is the fact that Elizabeth's brother, Bill, is a young practicing attorney in partnership with A. P. Hill, a promising female attorney. A. P. suggests that a new office is needed. While Bill begins the search, A. P. discovers that an old college roommate and rival is wanted for a series of bizarre crimes. It seems that P. J. Purdue has helped her client Carla Larkin escape from jail. They are on the run across the country, robbing gentleman of their belongings and their dignity as they go.

Meanwhile Bill has bought a marvelous antebellum mansion to redo as their law office. Only one catch. The house seems to come with a 90-something-year-old man that has a somewhat mysterious past.

Seem like too many threads to follow? Not with Sharyn McCrumb at the helm. Soon the story intertwines and you find yourself up well past midnight to finish this delightful book.

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