Far from Fairview

A Sheriff Marge Crump Mystery

By S. Furlong-Bolliger

While both Walt and the bus driver seemed suspicious, Marge knew the busboy was lying. He claimed he'd placed the money between pages 53 and 54, only Marge knew all books have even numbered pages on the left side and odd numbers on the right. There's no way he could have placed the bills between page 53 and 54. When confronted with the facts, the busboy admitted to stealing the money and was fired on the spot. Walt was relieved to be off the hook, but the whole incident gave him more to gripe about. "Service just isn't what it used to be," he started when they were back on the bus. Marge sighed and once again reached for her mystery magazine.

S. Furlong-Bolliger is the author of MURDER FOR BID (Martin Sisters Publishing) and the upcoming GEORGIA PEACH MYSTERIES (Berkley Prime Crime). She also writes as Lucy Arlington.

Two of her short stories have been published on omdb! online. "Mustard's Last Stand" (September, 2011) and "Murder: A League of Its Own" (June, 2012).

She also writes the popular Sheriff Marge Crump Solve-it-Yourself Mini-Mysteries.

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