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Fairview Fugitive

A Sheriff Marge Crump Mystery

By S. Furlong-Bolliger

Marge Crump stared at the vault and scratched her head. In all of the years she'd served as Sheriff of Fairview County, there had never been a bank robbery.

"How could this have happened?" she wondered out loud.

"Beats me," replied Harvey, her deputy. "Mr. Gilmore said the armored truck made a delivery right before noon. He counted the money and locked it in the vault. When he returned from lunch, the vault was open and the cash missing."

Marge examined the unmarred vault door.

"Should I call in the state police?" Harvey asked.

"Nope. This was an inside job. Whoever opened this safe had the combination. Tell Mr. Gilmore that I need to speak to him."

When Mr. Gilmore appeared, Marge asked him what time he took his lunch break.

"The bank closes everyday between 12:00 and 1:00. You know that Marge. You've banked here for twenty years."

Marge nodded. "Just being thorough. And the combination?"

Gilmore adjusted his bowtie. "Only Stan, Irene and I know the combination."

"And, how much cash was delivered?"

Gilmore replied, "I stayed late over my lunch break and counted it myself. Exactly ten thousand dollars."

"Whew!" Harvey wiped his brow. "That's a lot of cash."

Next, Marge motioned for Irene, the teller. Marge knew Irene from their weekly bridge party. "Hello, Irene. I thought you were retiring."

Irene patted her gray curls. "Yes, soon. I'm moving to Florida."

Marge smiled then politely asked, "Where you were between 12:00 and 1:00 today?"

"I took my lunch to the park," Irene replied. Then, leaning in closer, she whispered, "I think Mr. Gilmore took the money. I hear that he's been gambling."

Harvey raised a brow. "Gambling? Mr. Gilmore?"

"Yes," Irene hissed. "It's rumored that he recently lost ten thousand dollars."

Harvey shook his head. "Gambling never pays."

Next up was Stan, the bank's account manager.

"Where were you between 12:00 and 1:00 today?" Marge asked.

"At Milo's," Stan admitted.

"The car dealership?" Harvey butted in. "Thought you just bought a truck."

Stan's eyes gleamed. "Yes, but now there's a sports car that I want."

Harvey shot Marge an all-knowing look. "Sounds expensive, Stan."

Stan shrugged. "I've just recently come into some money."

Harvey pulled Marge aside and whispered, "Tough case, Marge. They all had motive and means."

"Yes," Marge agreed. "But it's obvious which one is guilty."

Who did Marge suspect and why?

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