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Murder in Fairview

A Sheriff Marge Crump Mystery

By S. Furlong-Bolliger

Marge crump immediately ordered that the Fairview Realty office be sealed off and all employees sequestered in the conference room. A murder had occurred — the first in all the thirty years she'd served as sheriff of Fairview County.

"Didn't think I'd ever see the likes of this," said Harvey, her trusted deputy. He was staring down at the crumpled body of real estate broker, Ron Jarvis. "Looks like we'd better call in the State Police."

"Hold off on that for a while, Harvey. I aim to figure out what happened here," Marge replied, examining the body. "Looks like he was stabbed with a letter opener."

"Poor Ron," Harvey sighed.

Marge nodded, her attention drawn to something she noticed. "Look at this," she said, pointing to Mr. Jarvis's hand. "He's clutching a pen."

"He must have been writing something before he was killed," Harvey commented.

"Or as he died," Marge inferred, reaching under Mr. Jarvis's desk. With a white gloved hand, she carefully removed a scrap of paper.

Harvey squinted. "Is that a word?"

Marge scrutinized the paper. "Yes, I think it's the word SAME. It's on the front and back of this paper."

Harvey scratched his head. "That doesn't make much sense."

"No it doesn't." Marge agreed, zipping the paper inside a plastic evidence bag. "Let's interview the witnesses."

As soon as Marge and Harvey entered the conference room, one of the men began shouting. "I demand that Mr. Jarvis's killer be brought to justice!"

Harvey held up a hand, "Take it easy, Ted. Sheriff Crump will take care of this."

"She'd better," Ted Langford growled. He was known for his aggressiveness, which is probably why he was the agency's top seller.

"Yes, none of us will be safe until we know that the murderer is behind bars," said Eve Baylor, the company's receptionist.

Marge began passing out paper and pens. "We'll need each of you to write down your activities this morning?"

Eve gasped. "Are you suggesting that it was one of us? It had to be a stranger passing through Fairview."

"Yes, we've known each other for years," Ted added. Then narrowing his eyes, he turned towards Darryl. "Except him. He's new to this area."

All eyes settled on a tall, unassuming gentlemen sitting off to the side.

"But, I didn't — " Darryl started. He began to tremble slightly.

"I heard you two arguing earlier today," Eve declared. "Maybe you did kill him. What do we really know about you, anyway?"

"That's enough," Marge commanded before turning back to Darryl. "What were you and Mr. Jarvis arguing about?"

Darryl seemed to shrink before their eyes. "He accused me of pilfering funds from the business. A large sum of money is missing from the books."

"That settles it." Ted pounded his fist on the table. "Make an arrest, Marge."

"I intend to," Marge concurred, eyes gleaming. "But, it won't be Darryl that I put the cuffs on."

A collective gasp sounded from around the room.

"But, how do you know it wasn't him?" Harvey asked.

Marge grinned. "Mr. Jarvis told me."

Who was Marge going to arrest and why?

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