Fairview Rose Killer

A Sheriff Marge Crump Mystery

By S. Furlong-Bolliger

Marge realized that one of the neighbors had slipped. Mrs. Longfellow, who was eager to show her superior organic gardening methods, stated that she never touched herbicides. Harvey and Marge hadn't told her that an herbicide was used to kill Mrs. Simpson's rose.

After being confronted with the facts, Mrs. Longfellow confessed to killing the prize rose. Harvey patted Marge on the back. "Good job, Marge. I'm glad you were able to nab the rose killer." Marge smiled slyly. "Well, Harvey...all I did was weed through the facts."

S. Furlong-Bolliger is the author of MURDER FOR BID (Martin Sisters Publishing). Two of her short stories have been published on omdb! online. "Mustard's Last Stand" (September, 2011) and "Murder: A League of Its Own" (June, 2012).

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