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By Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Berkley, August 2009 ($7.99)

ISBN-13: 978-0425229101

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez

SEW DEADLY is the first book in the Southern Sewing Circle series by Elizabeth Lynn Casey, and it is a simply a wonderful beginning.

Tori (Victoria Sinclair) has just moved from Chicago to Sweet Briar, South Carolina. She's been hired as the new librarian and is really excited about it. Unfortunately, coming from a very large city, she never imagined all the problems she would encounter in order to get accepted by the local people in a small town since they are not really open to outsiders. To her good fortune, she starts getting acquainted with — and accepted — by the ladies of the Sewing Circle. All the ladies in the circle like her except Dixie Dunn, the former librarian, who tries to make her life impossible because she feels Tori is occupying a position that should still belong to her. Problems for Tori worsen when a murder occurs in town (the first ever to happen in Sweet Briar) and she becomes the prime suspect just because she is the new girl in town.

This book is full of twists and can't literally be put down. When you think you have figured out who did it, another twist happens and you always get surprised. The writing flows smoothly, and characters are really well developed. I really recommend this book to both mystery lovers and needle crafters. The read is just delightful.

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