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By Stephanie Kane

Scribner Hardcover, November 2004
ISBN: 0-7432-4557-1

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

SEEDS OF DOUBT is the third novel in the Jackie Flowers series. (My first to read.)

A missing 6-year-old's body is discovered at a local park. Rachel Boyd is the prime suspect. She has a notorious past. She served 30 years in prison for the murder of a young playmate. She is out of prison on parole. With some reluctance, criminal defense lawyer Jackie Flowers takes the case.

Fans of crime novels who like their stories "ripped from the headlines" will no doubt find SEEDS OF DOUBT fascinating reading. The author's experience as a criminal defense lawyer brings a sense of realism to the story that readers will find compelling. I'm surprised a Hollywood company hasn't snatched up the rights to this series in order to make a television series out of Jackie Flowers and her cases!

The author has assembled a likable and believable cast of characters and written a crime story with enough twists and turns to give most readers an enjoyable read. There is enough suspense to keep readers turning the pages, and even if they think they know how the crime will be resolved, readers might be surprised when the ending actually presents itself. I think even some fans of true crime stories who claim they hate fiction might find SEEDS OF DOUBT engrossing.

Other titles by this author include EXTREME INDIFFERENCE, BLIND SPOT, and QUIET TIME (a non-Flowers book).

EXTREME INDIFFERENCE will be released in November, 2004 in paperback.

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