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By Ruth Rendell

Crown Publishers, November 9, 2004 ($25.00)
ISBN: 1-4000-5190-8

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

As a rule I am not a Ruth Rendell fan, however the brief synopsis of her newest THE ROTTWEILER caught my attention and I decided to give it a try.

The majority of the story takes place on a small street in Paddington, London, in an antique shop owned by a pleasant widow, Inez Ferry. Inez runs her antique shop on the bottom floor at street level and rents the remaining floors out as flats or apartments.

Her tenants consists of several odd people with unique stories all their own. All these stories are told around the discovery of a serial killer the police have dubbed "the Rottweiler." It appears the killer garrotes his victims and takes a small souvenir from each victim.

The serial killer story took a backseat to the stories of Inez's shop girl and tenants. The development of each person's character and what makes their life different was more the story to me than the serial killer angle.

The killer was disclosed to the reader a bit early in the story for me but the general story carried the remaining book.

I will not be as hesitant to select a Ruth Rendell novel in the future as I believe a change of venue is good for all readers.

This book is scheduled for paperback release September 13, 2005 from Vintage Crime/Black Lizard Books.

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