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By Scott Frost

Berkley, 2006 ($7.99)
ISBN: 0425208427

Reviewed by Rick McMahan

RUN THE RISK is the story about a mad bomber on the loose in Southern California days before the Rose Bowl parade, and when bodies start dropping, Lieutenant Alex Delillo begins to believe the murders are connected to a plot to cause mass-destruction and terror on national television. When Alex’s teenage daughter disappears, the cop knows that the bomber has targeted her family in his twisted plot.

Over all, I enjoyed RUN THE RISK, not so much for the "high stakes" plot line but more for Alex’s character of a Type-A personality who’s an overachiever in her career, but who has lost connection with her teenager daughter and is struggling to find any common ground with her. The bomb tech cum partner of Alex’s is a well-rounded character, and watching the interaction between he and Alex is even more interesting than seeing the two chase the faceless bomber. Scott Frost has created an interesting character in Alex Delillo, and I hope to read another outing in this series.

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