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Reviewed by Cherie Jung
(December, 2014)


“While a young mother attends a train exhibition with her children, something strange happens. The monumental Runaway Express starts moving with her children on board! With no one to help, the frightened mother jumps on the train before it starts to speed away.” – from game publicity.

Really? I saw none of that. The game jumped right to, “Oh no! I have to get this door open. My children are in there.” No explanation. No cut scenes. Nothing.

This is a much complained about glitch in the game that I also experienced. At the very beginning, there is supposed to be a cut-scene that shows the children becoming trapped on the train. I was never able to view that scene. For me, the game always began with me (as the player) trying to find a way into the already moving train.

I attempted to get to the actual beginning of the game (the train exhibition scenes) three times, by re-installing the game and by changing the name of the player, as was suggested in the game’s Big Fish online forum. I was never able to get the actual beginning of the game, only the “Oh, no! I have to get this door open…” portion, where the player actually begins to play the game.

Despite the abrupt beginning, the game was interesting enough to hold my attention until I had nearly completed the second portion of the game and encountered what I thought was a glitch or bug in the game. The player is tasked with solving three crimes – murders – before advancing to save her kids.

It ceases to be fun when you discover that the game wants you to solve a murder but you’ve missed a clue or two. The game allows you to continue playing, up to a certain point, even if you are playing out of the order that the game designers intended. However, once you reach the point where the game insists you solve the murder, if you have missed a clue, you must begin again at the very beginning of the game, not just the beginning of the segment you were playing. There are three segments to the game, or three mysteries/murders to be solved. The first time I attempted the game, I came to a frustrating end with the game insisting I solve the second murder but I had missed a clue, and even though I knew who the culprit was, I had to begin back at the very beginning.

I could accept the punishment of not completing the game segment in what the game designers considered the proper order, if I only had to repeat the portion of the game that I hadn’t already successfully solved. But that is not an option. So I began the game again. This time there was a glitch in the game. I had correctly filled out the crime scene board but the game would not allow me to complete that segment because while the computer program had given me credit for combining two portions of a clue and posted it to the crime scene board, it also put the clue back into my inventory. Again, the game insisted it was time to solve the murder but would not allow me to finish. The only solution? Back to the beginning…again. I think not. The game ceased to be any fun. End of game. Period.

This is a Hidden Object/Adventure game. I consider myself to be an intermediate computer games player. This game is not up to the quality and play-ability I have come to expect from such games. 

The price is listed at $9.99 USD however discounts may apply depending on the player’s account. For example, I received the game for no charge because I used one of my credits. (But getting it “free” doesn’t calm me down from the frustrations of the game.)


Game System Requirements:

OS: windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/Windows 8
CPU: 1.0 GHz
RAM: 1024 MB
DirectX: 9.0
Hard Drive: 1086 MB

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