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By Greg Rucka

Bantam, 1998 $5.99
ISBN: 0-553-57429-9

Reviewed by S. E. Warwick

Atticus Kodiak wears glasses, bakes bread, reads books, and knows at least eight ways to kill you with his bare hands. Kodiak, the protagonist in Greg Ruckaís series (as in Keeper, Finder, Smoker) is in the executive protection business thanks to skills learned during a stint in one of those super secret military units that are sanctioned to do all sorts of nasty things but donít officially exist.

In Finder, we learn more facts about the British SAS (one of the above- mentioned army units that does exist) than most people who are not fervent readers of the Janeís publications (no, not the ones with Dick and Spot) crave. In short, Finder is a hard core action novel. Itís characters seem real, depending upon your level of paranoia, so do their actions. This has weapons, blood, body parts, explosions, sex-- kinky and normal, dying fatherís wishes, and a little cooking.

If you like action, youíll like this. Rucka writes well, but youíll appreciate it more if youíre an action adventure aficionado.

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