A Scumble River Mystery (Book #11)

By Denise Swanson

Signet, April, 2009 ($7.99)

ISBN-13: 978-0451226587

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez

A new social worker, Jackie Jennings, is hired at Scumble River School, where Skye Denison works as the school psychologist. Since there is no specific office for a social worker, Skye is forced to share hers with Jackie. Skye not only has lots of trouble dealing with conflictive students at school, but now the social worker has become another problem for her since Jackie behaves as if she were the sole owner of the office, its furniture and even the student files. To add insult to injury, a mom gets killed during a Halloween fundraiser and Skye gets involved in the investigation, not only because murders are unacceptable in a school environment, but because the victim was wearing an identical costume as that of Skye, so there is suspicion that she might have been the actual target of the crime.

Although this time the book was a little predictable at an early stage, I still love this series with all the loveable characters involved. In this book, Wally Boyd proposes to Skye, and the question is...what will her answer be?

Another great book in the series!!

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