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By Shelley Singer

Perseverance Press

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

For fans of Shelley Singer, all you really need to know is, Jake and Rosie are back!

For first time readers, this is number six in the Jake Samson and Rosie Vicente series. Jake is a former Chicago cop who gets by now as an unlicensed private investigator. Rosie used to work for Jake. Now Jake works for Rosie. Rosie is now a licensed P.I. who moved to Marin County a few years back and left Jake behind in Oakland. Don't worry, it all gets sorted out in the book and you'll have no trouble tagging along.

Strange as it may sound, that is one aspect of the Jake and Rosie series that is so much fun. It feels like you are tagging along on their adventure, or "case" if you'd prefer to call it that.

For old-timers, this is a reunion you've long been waiting for. For newcomers, you will quickly come to know Jake and his friends and want to be counted among them.

This time out, Jake and Rosie are tangling with a nasty group calling itself the Aryan Command. One of The Command's young warriors is "dating" the ward of one of Jake's friends. The warrior wants out of the group, but he doesn't want to be killed by the group in order to get out. He wants Jake to infiltrate the group and help him get out. Not an easy task for a Jewish guy like Jake.

The Command has a plan, of sorts, to "take back the world for the white people," Jewish folk not included.

Ms. Singer manages to make this hate group both scary and funny (in a "can anybody really be that dumb?" sort of way) at the same time. And as the identity of the players unfolds, you'll probably savor a chuckle or two. And by the end of the book, you'll be ready for another case with Jake and Rosie.

I enjoy Shelley Singer's writing so much, that I would read a Jake and Rosie book even if they didn't have a case to work on! I found myself starting to read ROYAL FLUSH over again, immediately after I finished the last sentence. And then I dug out my old copies of the earlier Jake and Rosie books so I can reread them.

I tend to tire easily of series characters. This has not been the case with the Jake and Rosie series. This series just keeps getting better and better. Of course, I may be a bit biased. Ms. Singer is one of only three or four authors that I wouldn't miss whatever she wrote.

Other books in this series include: SAMSON'S DEAL, FREE DRAW, FULL HOUSE, SPIT IN THE OCEAN, and SUICIDE KING.


And one final word about the publisher Perseverance Press. It has always been my experience that Meredith Phillips publishes only the best. I've never read a mediocre or bad book from Perseverance Press. Welcome back!

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