THE GHOST IN ROOMETTE FOUR                               
By Janet Dawson


Publisher:  Perseverance Press (April, 2018)
Format: Trade paperback
Price: $15.95
ISBN-13: 978-1564745989

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California Zephyr series (Book 3)


Reviewed by Cherie Jung
(September, 2018)

Late one night as the California Zephyr headed east from Nevada to Utah, and the onboard passengers in the Silver Gorge Pullman car had retired for the night, Zephyrette Jill McLeod thought she saw an apparition, a shimmering light in the corridor ahead that moved into the empty compartment, roomette four.

Jill is a Zephyrette, assigned to deal with the passengers’ needs during the cross country journey. She is the only female employee onboard the train.

She felt a sense of unease…Roomette four was where she found a body, nearly two months ago.

Jill didn’t believe in ghosts and spirits but she couldn’t easily explain the apparition she had just seen. Perhaps she was just overly tired…

This is the third entry in the popular California Zephyr series written by Dawson, who also writes the wildly popular PI Jeri Howard series. The author brings the romance and adventure of train travel alive for readers and transports them to a time and place and a nostalgia that will keep readers enchanted through many more tales.

Other titles in the series: DEATH RIDES THE ZEPHYR (2013) and DEATH DEALS A HAND (2016).

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