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By M.S. Roche

Publisher: Michael Roche, June 6, 2011 ($14.99)

ISBN-10: 098357300X
ISBN-13: 978-0983573005

Kindle edition $2.99

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

THE BLUE MONSTER is a compelling crime novel with heart-pumping action and authentic sounding dialogue. Detective Kate Alexander (also known as Kick Ass Alexander) suspects foul play in a missing person case when a young woman fails to return home from her job at the local mall. Evidence in the mall parking lot suggests she may be right but when she attempts to notify the on-call homicide detective, he advises her to give him a call when she finds a body. Alexander's gut feeling is that she may very well find a body.

The results from this case impact a double murder case two years later.

My only quibble about this book is that there are numerous grammatical errors (errors in grammar are acceptable in dialogue but not in the narrative), improper punctuation, or lack of punctuation, improper word usage (there, their, and they're are not interchangeable), and formatting mistakes. An automated spell-checker is no substitute for a professional final copy-edit. Regardless of some readers' claims that these imperfections are nothing to worry about, for many — if not most — readers, these details do matter. Everyone makes mistakes but as these type of errors accumulate, they intrude upon the story. In fact, if I hadn't been reading this book at the request of a friend, I would have stopped reading midway through the book.

The author has many years experience as both a local police officer and as a federal agent. His working knowledge of law enforcement and police procedures translates quite effectively to his writing. There is an authenticity that shines through the previously mentioned technical writing mistakes. Clearly, this author has the ability to weave edgy tales of crimes, criminals, and police work. He has created a leading character who deserves a continuing series. There is the potential to captivate a large audience with his story-telling skills if only the author will avail himself of a proficient final copy-editor.

This review is based on a .PDF edition.

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