By C. M. Spencer

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ISBN-13: 978-0-9917259-0-8

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

With the huge number of cozy mysteries currently being published, it is sometimes difficult to tell one from another. Many of the plots are quite similar and often, downright predictable. Too often the characters are like cardboard cutouts, and practically interchangeable from one series to another. Only the names and places have been paraphrase the introduction to an old TV crime show.

I was pleasantly surprised, and thoroughly entertained by C. M. Spencer's new book ROAD KILL. The author combines all of the elements of a good cozy — a puzzling murder, a plucky protagonist, interesting secondary characters, worthy suspects, capable law enforcement, a touch of romance, and just the right amount of red herrings — to keep the reader completely engrossed while the crime is unraveled to reveal whodunit, why, when, and where.

Anna Nolan has the misfortune to stumble on a dead body while walking her dog Wendy. Not only is the man dead, but murdered, and...her ex-husband. Her alibi for the time of his killing is a bit shaky as far as the local RCMP are concerned and they consider her to be their primary suspect. They are equally suspicious of the alibi of Anna's son, Ben. Not wanting to be arrested for her ex's murder, Anna is determined to find alternative suspects...against the wishes of the RCMP who strongly advise her to leave the investigating to them. But of course she doesn't (or we wouldn't have a book to read).

I particularly liked the way the author developed the storyline as one then another and another character become suspects, then are seemingly absolved of the crime yet when the circumstances change, become suspects again. At least in Anna's opinion if not in the opinion of the authorities.

Ms. Spencer has a breezy writing style. ROAD KILL is a fast, entertaining read that will delight readers and have them begging for more!

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