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By Carolyn Hart

William Morrow, 2001

Reviewed by Shirley H. Wetzel

Henrietta Collins, 70-ish retired journalist and amateur sleuth, returns to Bermuda, a place full of happy memories for her, to chaperon her teenage grandchildren, Neal and Diana. The occasion is the re-marriage of her ex-son-in-law, Lloyd Drake. Drake, a stodgy attorney, has fallen head-over-heels for beautiful young Connor Bailey, whom he met the previous year at the picturesque Tower House Hotel. He has made big plans for them to have a story-book wedding there, but things are not going well. His children are strongly opposed to the match, so their mom, Henrie's daughter Emily, pleaded with her to go and run interference. Henrie O. is appalled when she overhears Dianna wishing Connor was dead, and tries her best to keep the peace. Connor's daughter Marlow, a plain, humorless woman with a gorgeous fiancÚ, Aaron Reed, also opposes the marriage. Jasmine, Connor's little girl, loves Lloyd, but she is in the minority in her mother's camp. Steve Jennings, Connor's attorney and old family friend, is obviously carrying a torch for her, and brash Texas Curt Patterson wouldn't mind edging Lloyd out of the picture.

Connor attracts men. She claims she doesn't mean to, but men keep falling at her feet, sometimes literally. One who did was Roddy Worrell, late proprietor of the hotel. His widow, a very bitter lady, is one of many suspects when bad things start happening to Connor. Ghosts walk, waiters take unexpected swims, little girls go missing. The beauty of Bermuda is lost on Henrie as things go from bad to worse, and she tries to find out who's behind all the evil doings. Lucky for us, she still gives a fine description of the scenery and history of the island as she elegantly solves the mystery. This is not one of Hart's most complex works, but fans of cozies in general and Henrie O. in particular will enjoy it anyway. It's a good beach read.

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