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Death on the River Walk
By Carolyn Hart

Avon Books, 1999

Reviewed by Shirley Wetzel

In her latest adventure, Henrietta Collins gets a call from an old friend now living in Europe asking her to find out why she hasnít heard from her granddaughter in San Antonio. Henrie O. is visiting her daughter and son-in-law in southeast Texas, and makes the short trip to try to find out whether the girl is just too busy or if something more sinister is involved.

She finds that the girl, Iris Chavez, has vanished under suspicious circumstances, walking out on her job and hurriedly vacating her apartment. Henrie O. investigates Tesoros, the upscale art store on San Antonioís famed River Walk, family-owned and headed by the proud matriarch Maria Elena Garza. She insinuates herself into the family and learns that Maria Elenaís grandson Rick is Irisís sweetheart. The boy claims that Iris ran away with another man, but Henrie O. doesnít believe him, and knows that he is hiding something.

When a murder takes place at the shop and Manuel, Maria Elenaís gentle, simple-minded son, is arrested, Henrie O. and Maria Elena join forces to prove his innocence and unmask the real killer before he or she strikes again. The police believe that someone is searching for a bundle of drugs, and that the young lovers are involved. Henrie O. believes another kind of treasure is involved. It becomes apparent to Henrie that someone in the family is up to no good, and although she has come to admire and respect Maria Elena, she must solve the mystery to absolve Iris and Manuel.

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