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By Raelynn Hillhouse

Forge, 2004 ($24.95)
ISBN: 0-765-31013-9

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

RIFT ZONE is a cold war thriller. But don't let that put you off from reading the book! It is a really well written thriller set before the fall of the Soviet Empire and the Berlin Wall.

Faith Whitney is skilled at smuggling Nazi and Communist artifacts from behind the "iron curtain." The East German Stasi make her an offer she can't refuse. They want her to smuggle something for them or go straight to prison.

I'm not going to spoil the adventure by giving you too many details.

The author has developed two strong female characters, who play a cat-and-mouse game which gives an interesting twist to the usual men-only spy stories. The author also has a real feel for the era and brings an excitment back to the cold war thriller that has been missing in recent years.

I hope Ms. Hillhouse is at work on another book!

The paperback version is scheduled for release August 1, 2005 from Forge Books.

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