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A Lincoln Rhyme Novel

By Jeffery Deaver

Simon & Schuster, June 7, 2005
ISBN: 0743260929

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Lincoln Rhyme, a paraplegic detective once more works to solve a daunting mystery. By his side his associate, assistant and lover, the beautiful Amelia Sachs.

In THE TWELFTH CARD Lincoln and Amelia have a bit of a different case. A young black girl, named Geneva Settle is attacked while researching an ancestor for a school paper. The motive would appear to be rape but the librarian who helped her is found murdered and some of the material she was reading is destroyed.

Geneva, at 16 is a very intelligent and determined young lady. Harlem born; she is determined to get her education and better herself. So why would anyone want to kill her.

As Lincoln and Amelia investigate it soon becomes obvious that there are two stalkers, one white, one black. As always a scientific approach is used and Lincoln is his usual cranky, grumpy self.

Lincoln and Amelia, along with some other reoccurring characters, work as a team to discover if Geneva's research has anything to do with the case. She was researching a case about an ancestor from 140 years ago. His name was Charles Singleton. He was an emancipated slave that was accused of theft after serving proudly in the Civil War.

I have been a Lincoln Rhyme fan since the first book, BONE COLLECTOR and admit to being a diehard fan. THE TWELFTH CARD was no exception. I love reuniting with reoccurring characters and catching up with their life while they solve their mysteries around me.

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