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By Michael Connelly

Hachette audio, 11.5 hours unabridged, 2010 ($39.98)
ASIN: B0045XYP0O (Audio book)
ISBN-10: 0316069485 (Hardcover book)
ISBN-13: 978-0316069489 (Hardcover book)

Reviewed by Rick McMahan

Michael Connelly is one author who I read religiously. After reading the book, I usually will listen to it again on audiobook. To me, it's interesting to experience a book as an audiobook. Also, since I do a have a long work commute time, I tend to listen to audio books quite a bit. THE REVERSAL is the second pairing of LAPD Detective Harry Bosch with his half-brother Mickey Haller, the defense attorney.

DNA testing has overturned the murder conviction of a man serving several decades for the abduction and murder of a young girl. Yet, this isn't a copycat of Project Innocence. The prosecution is certain they have the right man, especially since the victim's sister watched the abduction with her own eyes. Still, the District Attorney is feeling heat, so to ensure an "unbiased" prosecution, or maybe just a scapegoat if it goes wrong, either way, they ask Mickey Haller to come to the other side and to prosecute the case. Haller agrees with the condition that he picks his own team. For second chair he of course picks his ex-wife, prosecutor Maggie McPherson and who better than his half brother LAPD Detective Harry Bosch to run the investigative side?

Haller is trying to adjust to working on the prosecution side of the aisle. Things are bumpy for Bosch, because this is the first book we see where he has the responsibilities of a full-time father (for that story read NINE DRAGONS) with his teenage daughter. In previous books, if Harry Bosch needed to chase a case all day and night skipping sleep that's what he did in his relentless pursuit to catch a killer. Now, Harry has a teenage daughter who he has to consider and juggle his time for, and he doesn't always juggle it successfully.

One thing about THE REVERSAL that I really enjoyed was that this truly was a Haller and Bosch book. In THE BRASS VERDICT, the first time the two siblings crossed paths on a case, it was billed as a Haller and Bosch tale, but in reality it was a Haller story with Harry Bosch coming on stage several times in the book. In THE REVERSAL it truly is an equal book, with chapters splitting points of view with each character's idiosyncrasies and nuisances. Also, by splitting points of view and chapters, the reader gets to see both the strategy and case preparation of the lawyers, and they also get to 'ride along' with Harry Bosch in his investigation.

Now, the audio book version of THE REVERSAL is unique, at least this is the first book I've encountered that is this way. The book is both on conventional audio compact disks (9 of them), but it also comes with the complete book on a single MP3 disk, so you don't have to juggle disks in and out. Plus, as an added bonus, they've included THE BRASS VERDICT on an MP3 CD as well. So essentially for the price of one unabridged audiobook you actually get two.

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